Editing as I Write: A Good Foundation for Revising?

I’ve noticed something with this latest work in progress. It seems I spent a lot more time editing than usual, insofar as I was editing as I wrote.

I wrote scenes then agonized over them as I looked for problems in diction, punctuation, point of view, and paragraph markers, including quotes for characters’ voices. I wrote chapters then looked for inconsistencies and plot holes. I spent a lot of time reviewing my first three chapters, since those are the ones that tend to draw readers in. I also got some feedback from a chapter member who was glad to take a look at my first twenty to thirty pages.

It seems that all this foundational work has made my revisions easier, but without sacrificing my writing time.

I made note when I began writing, a few days after I had my outline ready to go. I was proceeding at a reasonable clip until I needed to take a break because I was dealing with some real world matters that took me away from my writer’s life and my imaginary friends. Even then, the delays didn’t set me back. I finished the first draft at a time similar enough to when I finished the previous works in progress. My typical goal is to have the first draft done within four to six months.

Another important point is that I haven’t yet gone forward with publishing the first of the two latest works in progress. That has been helpful towards the revision process for this current manuscript. The two books are connected, so I have to make sure that I get all the details correct and avoid inconsistencies along with plot holes from one book to the next.

It will be interesting to see what my developmental editor has to say.

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