We’re in May!

Isn’t it exciting that we’re entering the middle of spring? Memorial Day is coming up in a few weeks, and for many people, that’s the unofficial beginning of the summer.

Since Easter Sunday was only a few weeks ago, here’s a picture of the specialty cake I bought that lasted the whole first week of the season. I’m not so daring as to have more cakes to persist until Pentecost, but I’ll survive. Smile.

How’s the writing? Well on that front, I’m persisting with the manuscript that I’ve been working on with my critique groups. That’s been going well.

As for the work in progress I wrote last summer into the fall and which I began revising in March, I’ve hit a road block. Something doesn’t seem right.Perhaps I need to change the whole story line, or I need to change what’s going on in the midpoint, but the revisions aren’t getting any easier, so it’ s time to sit this one out. I’ve been reading in the meantime, some of the books I mentioned before.

What else? Sanditon season two had me enthralled. I wasn’t posting about writing, but I was posting about the show. Georgiana is my favorite character. I read there will be a season three. Bring it on, I say, with many more seasons to follow, 4, 5, …

As for the reading front, check out the books I’ve been looking at lately. There aren’t too many romances. Here’s one by someone who used to be in my chapter. Perhaps a book on women and care giving and one on creating community? I’ve been spring cleaning, so I’m including books that fit into that theme. The last one is useful for making the argument that sweet and inspirational romances are excellent reads.

Have a great month!

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