Happy New Year!

How was your Christmas? I follow the liturgical calendar, which means Christmas doesn’t end until Epiphany, which is January 6.

Here are some Christmas cookies I made, gift boxes to send along for the holiday.

These chocolate tins are great for sending baked goodies!
A Christmas tree and star

Here is something interesting I discovered as part of my cooking and writing adventures, as I began organizing my folders of recipes. Take a look at this recipe for croissants. It’s off in so many different ways, not only with respect to how to set the yeast, but it explains a weird way of cutting butter into dough.

I never heard of setting yeast in this fashion!

So I just shook my head and modified from the first step. The second step, I tried it their way, but I added an almond past filling, and it was fine. I then went back to the original recipe and what it envisioned: plain butter croissants. I cut the butter into the flour.

Here’s a lunch I made a few weeks ago. I’d be starving myself for breakfast and dinner then exercising all afternoon.

How is the writing coming along? I’ve made good progress on rewriting, I’m down to the last third of the manuscript. I’m at the point where I’ll be able to recycle a good bit of what I wrote the first time around, which should make things go quicker.

These are some books I read this past month:

I finally finished it!
Workaholism has got to go!
I love books on brain health!

Have a great month!

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