Twitter, writing, and me

external-content.duckduckgo.comHappy September! Twitter on social media is such a great place for me, insofar as I have made connections for writing community. From the simple 5amwritersclub hashtag where I post updates and learn how others are doing, to the more profound.

Yesterday was the more profound day. It began with me simply checking Twitter for my daily updates. There are a number of people on there that I like to hear from, because they are often talking about interesting things.

One tweet was a post describing a quiz; see the link, what type of Anglican are you?

I was inordinately curious. My people, talking about Anglicanism? So of course, I took the quiz to learn more, and was I ever blown away at how knowledgeable the creator of the quiz was about Anglicans, our liturgical preferences and dispositions. All of his observations were grounded in a firm understanding of the movements within Anglicanism and the key thinkers within each.

Needless, to say, I spent the day reading and researching. I looked through my books on theology and church history. I borrowed Anthony Trollope’s Barchester Towers, to get a stronger sense of how some of the earlier debates played out within Anglicanism.

But how does this affect my writing? Well, my latest heroine is in a new ministry situation. It makes me wonder, what kind of Anglican might she be? Perhaps she will tell me as we continue on our revisions.

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