Sweet and #inspy romances?

Episcopal Church Women!

I have reached a milestone insofar as I am officially ordained, an Episcopal clergywoman. With that, I have found that I have an interest in writing romances with a stronger inspirational edge.

That stronger edge began with my latest work in progress, the Wedding Bet: Lauren. Her book is third in the sweet and sensuous series, but it takes place in between Rick’s and Roger’s. I just turned in my latest draft to my editor.

Long before I became an Episcopalian, I was a liberal leaning Roman Catholic young woman raised in a conservative Catholic family. Women’s ordination pushed me towards Anglicanism and Mainline Protestantism.

I have company among a lot of former Roman Catholics drawn to our Catholic-style liturgy matched with our Protestant governance and theology. Nonetheless, I remember my conservative roots; I have relatives who are still in that camp. And so I wrote Lauren’s book with them in mind.

I was imagining before starting her book that I would continue the sweet and sensuous series with Kim’s book, but I find that I just don’t have the bandwith to do her book well. Instead, I’m inspired by some of the young women I met during the past three years I was in the ordination process.

My newer work in progress is based upon a young woman I met this year, a military officer who wants to become an Episcopal priest and serve as a military chaplain. Two young women in my formation group have inspired me to think about some new heroines: Natasha and Helena.

Will I return to the sweet and sensuous series? Perhaps, if I find that there is something that draws me back to Rick and Annelise’s world with their large circle of relatives, friends, and connections.

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