April is here!

From our garden!

Daylight savings began in March, the flowers are blooming, and it’s good to see the sun set at around 7pm. The days are getting warmer, great for lightweight fleece jackets. I’ll clean my winter jacket and coats soon.

We had been waiting for some custom-made furniture. They finally came in and I began a spring-cleaning project, to donate all the clothes I don’t need anymore.

I’m talking about clothes that can still fit me, but I just don’t wear, and I can’t imagine I will wear again anytime soon. I found a dress that I had cleaned in September of 2010, with the tag still on it. Is that insane?

Do you like the stuffed animals? I have a few bears and a frog, in honor of a green car I had years ago. I nicknamed it Froggie, and so I had a frog I put in the rear-view mirror. The car is long gone, but the frog is still here! They are all on the new dresser.

Now that I have a gray colored car, I have a gray colored gnome! He sits in a basket on the back seat.

What else? I pray the Daily Office each morning as per Rite 1 of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer, just figuring I would like it because it uses the older language that I find compelling.

Then I went to a Lenten Quiet Day for clergy in my area, and the bishop led us in Morning Prayer Rite 2. There were extra prayers I hadn’t seen in Rite 1. What does that mean? I’m sold, I’m going to pray Rite 2 more often.

Sanditon’s season 3 became available on the 19th, and I’ve been hooked. I binge watched the season the first night it broadcast, since I have all the seasons through PBS Passport. I’ve been rewatching the broadcasts each week then I’ve been watching season 2.

I just love it, the whole story line, of Charlotte and Alexander, but also and even more importantly, the character of Georgiana that got me from the first. Some think she was a character solely for modern audiences, but she was in Jane Austen’s unfinished Sanditon manuscript, and there were stories of that type back then, of free black people with familial ties to the aristocracy.

Dido Bell, great niece of Lord Mansfield

A free black woman and heiress to a fortune?

Sign me up to look at all the Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit conversations. Then the YouTube videos.

Georgiana preparing to testify in defense of her fortune

I tell myself it’s research for writing good G to PG rated romance scenes, the conversations with a look only, or the touch of a hand, the heartfelt conversations.


Have a great month!

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