My local RWA chapter is going a blog hop of authors showcasing scenes from their books that evoke autumn: link.

Here is a scene from Getting Out of the Comfort Zone: Ayanna, available on Amazon. Ayanna and Todd went to a fall arts and crafts festival.


Todd was whistling as he walked back to the meeting spot. Ayanna was already there, clutching a plastic bag.

“Hey, what do you have there?”


He peered into the bag when she opened it. “Very pretty and colorful.”

“So what about you? What did you get? What’s in the cylinder?”

“Oh nothing. It might be something for my mom.”

Ayanna giggled as she made to snatch it from him. “If it’s nothing, let me see!”

He held it away from her but brought her close for a kiss. “If and when I say so!”

She grumbled. “Okay, I’ll hold you to it.”

He chuckled. “Please do.”

Smiling, he tugged her along then winked as he started up the car to take her back home.

Todd was carrying both his cylinder and Ayanna’s shopping bag when they returned to her apartment. Once they got inside, he put her bag on the counter.

She looked at the cylinder and teased. “I guess it isn’t really for your mom. You brought it inside.”

“It still could be, you know. Why not open it?”

Ayanna studied it for a bit, then took off the cap and began shaking it. Todd watched while she picked up the poster.

“Now what’s this?” Unrolling it, she studied each section as it unfurled. It was a silhouette of an African woman on a red and green background. She was wearing a head wrap and had a baby by her side while she carried a rifle. Putting the poster on the table, Ayanna put her hands to her face and began weeping silently.

Todd hugged her to him and stroked her hair. “Do you like it?”

She gasped. “Todd, this is amazing.” She broke free from his embrace and picked up the poster. “You understand, Todd. You really understand.”

Copyright Barbara James. All rights reserved.

Happy October!

So what’s new this month? Well, it began with a bang. I’ve been a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, but I never could connect with my local chapter and attend monthly meetings.

The first thing is that the meeting place was far away. The second is that their meetings took place right before my local Romance Writers of America chapter meetings.

But once again, with the quarantine, things have changed drastically. The blessing is that even though the two meetings took place back to back, from 10-12 and 12-3 on Saturday, I could attend each, because we met by Zoom. It was a simple matter of clicking links and getting into each meeting’s “room,” so to speak.

With this new connection, I’ll have even more people to talk to about writing, and that’s always good.

So how’s the writing going otherwise?

I’m preparing for my next critique group meeting with members from my local RWA chapter on my latest manuscript. When I was learning more and more about the different types of Anglicans last month, I felt inspired to write a non-fiction essay on how I see my Anglicanism growing during this Covidtide. I’ve submitted it for publication. I have ideas for at least one other essay.

As for reading, did I mention that I’ve liked Toni Shiloh’s latest series? It’s about three young African American women and their friendships as they each find their happily ever afters: link. I then discovered she will write for Harlequin’s Love Inspired, but her book won’t come out until February: link. It’s on my wish list! The next installment of Pat Simmons’ Family is Forever series is available: link. I’m the second person on my library’s waiting list. I should get it in a month.

Aren’t these covers so pretty?

Oh, and I’ve been reading for our chapter’s contest, plus I’ll be on the RWA committee assessing grants for academics who want to do research then write scholarly articles and books on romance novels and writers.

Happy Halloween later this month. I tend to wear an orange jacket and earrings with a spooky scarf!

Copyright Barbara James. All rights reserved.