Happy Advent–December is here!

The last Sunday in November after Thanksgiving is always a great one, because it’s typically the first Sunday in Advent, the first of four weeks before Christmas. That’s when I put up the Christmas tree and get out the list for sending Christmas cards. I’m thinking about gifts as well. Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Here’s a picture of cookies I made for the holiday.

More cookie cutters!

On the fiction romance writing front, I’m in serious revisions mode. There was a conference or two on writing that I attended recently, on line as usual, which was a wonderful thing. I learned so much, that I now know I have to do some major work on the manuscript I’d been revising for most of this year. If only I had this information last year! Oh well, what can I say? Such is the way of the writing life.

These are books I finished this past month.

As for the nonfiction food writing I was doing earlier this year, there is exciting news. Our issue is coming out soon, and so my essay will be included. I’ve been practicing my presentation, because we will each have a chance to present to the audience of people who are interested in our work.

The launch of our issue has had me thinking about cookbooks and recipes. I spent hours on Sunday organizing a huge folder I had and I found another folder for a collection I wanted to organize. Here are some examples of them. Marketers back in the 90s had a great idea. They sold cookbooks at the supermarket. They showed customers what recipes they might make with the products they sold.

I have so many of these!

I’m such an INTJ as per Myers Briggs. I typed up a directory.

This went onto the top of the file folder.

A whole section for recipes using eggs? There’s a method to my madness. Check these out: examples of egg dishes I might have for breakfast or lunch.

A hard a boiled egg, melted cheese, a home made roll, dates and avocado slices
A spinach omelet this time
A broccoli and cheese omelette, a roll and plantains
Rolls, fresh out of the oven!

Have a great month!

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