It’s September! Welcome, Fall.

I love September and I love fall: autumn colors, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

I think the seasons are interesting when they serve as settings for novels. Christmas is a big one. The summer works great as a setting because there’s a long standing theme in American culture about summer romances.

Summer as a lighter happier time of the year, when people are on vacation with fewer worries, and they are thus freer to pursue relationships.

What about the fall? It can be a serious time, a time to get down to business after the summer has come and gone.

I suppose I’m trying to blend both the summer and fall energies together. We’re almost in mid summer in North America, and I’ve started a new work in progress I hope to finish by the late fall, at the same time I hope to finish revising the most recent progress by late fall as well.

When I’m writing, it’s hard to read as much as I would like. But that hasn’t stopped me from collecting the covers of books I’d read if I had more time! Before I began writing, these were the most recent books I finished reading.

An Avon romance with strong inspirational elements
A TNZfiction inspirational romance

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