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Wedding Announcement:

Suzette laughed out loud when she read the wedding announcement in the local newspaper. She leaned over to show Bobby. “Who do you think sent it in?”

He took the newspaper from her and glanced at it quickly. “If your dad didn’t do it, he encouraged your mom to.”

“And silently chuckling as he watched her type it.”

His grinned. “I think you’re right.”

Suzette Nagel and Robert Sills

Eric and Yvonne Nagel of Newton Highlands, Massachusetts, are delighted to announce that their younger daughter Suzette married Robert Sills in July at Parish of the King in Auburndale. The bride will change her name.

Suzette recently graduated with a Master of Divinity from General Theological School in New York City and was ordained in June. Rev. Sills will serve as a curate at the Church of the Holy Redeemer on the Upper East Side.

Robert is an accountant with Langdon Associates in New York City. He is the older son of Gary and Colleen Sills of Sullivan County, New York.

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