March is here!

And that means spring is on its way. It feels like spring is already here, because the winter has been so mild. Except for a few cold days, it felt like fall. We’ve had no snow, only rain.

How has the month been? Well, my writing class is coming along. I really hope the instructor will offer an advanced romance writing class for me to work on my first draft.

I only have the first chapter that I’ve been revising, far less than the first draft I’ll need eventually, but I really appreciate the great feedback. I want more of it, so I want another class!

I got a surprise invitation to review an academic manuscript in my old field of study.  I asked if it was okay for me to participate, they said it was fine.

I grabbed it, even though I’m no longer in that field. Why? They’re paying me an honorarium that I can use to buy more romance books!


Otherwise, I baked for a parish outreach to a local shelter:

I’m thinking about ministry, and I’m participating in a Lenten quiet day. There’s a book or two I’d like to read.

Have a great month!

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