February is here!

How was your January? It had been time, I thought, to take a craft class, a class on romance writing. I’d listened to so many lectures and read so many books on improving one’s writing, plus I work with my critique groups.

I found one online and I registered. It’s going well. The day before the class began, I went to my local library, to see what they had on the shelves. Look at this:

A big sign advertising inspirational fiction plus smaller signs advertising the romance novels they carry.

What’s interesting is that the inspirational fiction section includes inspirational romances and inspirational women’s fiction published by Christian booksellers like Bethany House or Intervarsity Press. I saw Toni Shiloh, To Capture a Prince, and an author that interested me, Sharon Garlough Brown, who writes Christian women’s fiction: link.

I finally finished some books I’d been meaning to read, and I discovered a few more.

Here’s a picture of my prayer corner, with the new liturgical calendar I bought earlier in the month.

Some other projects? I’m thinking of getting back into sewing. The exercise room is a good place for storing my machine and supplies. What would I make? Aprons and curtains!

In the meantime, here’s a focaccia I made.

Have a great month!

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