It’s July!

Here’s to a great Fourth of July celebration!

So what’s been on my mind lately with respect to the writing life?

Juggling acts.

How did it happen that I’m juggling three different submissions for my two different critique groups?

I think it’s a scheduling issue, and I might as well be directing traffic at an intersection.

One critique group is ahead of the other. This group has more people, and they are my most challenging critics. They will roast me, but I know for sure, that they are forcing me to think and re-think my storytelling.

When I get myself up off the ground from my walloping, I make the revisions to the first submission and then show the second group the stronger draft.

I then revise the second submission for the first group. It’s a fresh submission based upon the revisions from the first submission. Once the second group sees that second submission, I can then go forward with the third submission for the first group.

It looks like this: sixth submission, seventh submission, eight submission. And these are submissions based upon the rewrite I did after last year. I just wasn’t happy with my first draft and all the revisions I did, so this is my second draft that I’m revising with the groups.

Confusing? Complicated? Well, that’s what the writers’ journey is like.

Happy writing!

What books am I reading now?

These are Toni Shiloh’s latest:

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