It’s June, summer is coming!

How was May? My latest writing adventures?

My recent revisions felt daunting when I first glanced at my critique partners’ comments. Was it that we seemed to be meeting earlier than I’d anticipated and I never imagined I’d ever get the work done? Was it that I’d been distracted by some recent projects around the house?

Well, I finally got myself together and did the work.

It’s a fantastic feeling when I have a story line developed in the work in progress and my critique partners make a suggestion that can take the story in a whole other direction.

They haven’t seen the subsequent chapters yet, but this new direction is one I can work on over the next few days or so to get the revision on point for when they read it in a week or so.

I made the revisions on the current submission earlier than I anticipated, because I was eager not only to have them done before the next submission is due, but because I’m hoping to get input from the other critique group I’m a member of.

As for the other revision project that’s stalled, I have to think about some strategies.

So that gives you a sense of how my June will go.

Books I’ve been reading:

This book wasn’t what I thought it would be. It was for people who haven’t exercised at all and who were interested in starting. I liked reading about the studies, though.

I’ve never been persuaded by the “dream hoarders” language I’d been seeing in many discussion of social and public policy lately. I read the book that came out a few years ago that was instrumental in shaping this new way of looking at middle class people. I’m still not persuaded.

I think I need to read more romances.

Have a great month!

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