Celebrating Helena’s Release Day!

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How has your July been so far? I hope you had a great 4th, since it fell on a Sunday, a perfect day for attending services in the morning and celebrating the rest of the day.

With Helena’s release, this marks the end of the four books I envisioned about three years ago. How time flies!

They can each be read as stand-alone books, or as two series of two books each: Ayanna and Suzette then Helena and Natasha.

I’m continuing with the painstaking process of revising the current work in progress, the first book in a new series.

Now that Helena has her happily ever after, I can begin to think about the next manuscript to begin writing. It will be the next book in this current series.

What have I been reading or thinking about reading? Not much has been happening on that front, but I try. Smile. These are all Christian inspirational romances.

Copyright Barbara James, All rights reserved.

This was a book I finished reading.

These are some I hope to read: