Happy August!


Either you see August as the middle of summer or the end of it, with school starting soon, even though most people see the real end of summer as taking place in September with Labor Day.

So what is striking about this August? I’ve never seen an August so fraught with anxiety as schools talk about how to begin this new academic year. At least that is what the media tells us.

When I talk to the people I know who have school-aged and college-aged children, they seem eager to return to normal.

But what will that normal look like? That is where there are differences between the anxious and the “go with the flow” folks. People with the time and energy to find out what is going on can seem lackadaisical when they seem to be doing nothing. They are just waiting to hear what the school authorities will do and they will follow. I’m definitely with the anxious folks with no eagerness at all to return to normal.

So what’s up with me nowadays? Well, it occurred to me that it’s been almost a year since I began workshopping Austin’s book to get feedback. After my last critique session a few months ago, I used his manuscript in a self-editing class, and I think I’ve done enough with him for now. I’d rather get more feedback regarding the next work in progress, because it’s newer. I just finished the first draft earlier this year. So I recently made the edits based upon the latest feedback and prepared for the next round of critique sessions.

So it’s time for Austin and Natasha to take a trip to the editor. I’m helping them pack. Smile.

Some new characters are starting to talk to me. I think I need to start thinking about character interviews and even book proposals.

My local RWA chapter will meet online through the rest of the year. I’m liking this, because it’s just so much more convenient, plus there are people we hardly see. With the Zoom conference calls, they are finally able to make our meetings.

Otherwise? I’ve been reading. Check me out on Goodreads: link.

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