Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

Eve49659618n though social distancing restrictions are being lifted in my community, we are still living in a pandemic, so I’m content to be a homebody in the midst of the celebrations.

So what have I been up to? I began this book as a Morning Prayer reading project during Eastertide. I just finished this morning, the 5th Sunday after Pentecost.

The individual chapters are the book’s greatest strengths. Each writer discusses their unique struggles of a call to ministry that can involve engagement with the greater world outside of the walls of the church.

The editors Timothy Keller and John Inazu’s conclusion points to three means of engagement, each of which leads to challenges: defensive against; purity from; relevant to.

This discussion pushes me to think about how I see myself as a writer, to engage with the world on my own terms, drawing upon my own perspectives: inspirational romance.

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