My latest read

My characters and I enjoyed the latest romance novel that I just finished. Smile.

Ayanna likes it because it took place in a hospital, and she is working in clinical chaplaincy. Helena likes it because she appreciates the importance of dating with integrity and care because of boundaries.


This wonderful and wholesome medical romance had me smiling and crying: link.

Lauren Taylor is a resident in clinical pharmacology at the local hospital.

On the day Andrew Bishop goes in for his informational session regarding his newly diagnosed Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Lauren bounces into him at the hospital cafeteria and spills her coffee.

Lauren was speechless at how hot he was, but she put it out of her mind, until she realized he was the patient she was supposed to see later that morning, the last day of her rounds in the unit.

Although Andrew is no longer her patient, she can’t help but wonder about him, and he can’t put Lauren out of his mind.

How to date–if at all–when she’s worried about violating boundaries? How to date–if at all–when he has no idea what his future will be? Can their attraction and interest in dating survive his cancer treatments?

I appreciated the characters’ maturity in negotiating their attraction with honesty and integrity. Their struggle for a happily-ever-after in the midst of his cancer treatments was heart-wrenching.

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