My Interview with Toni Shiloh….

Outside of watching Emma for inspiration, I’ve also been listening to music. What tunes fit the energy of certain scenes, the sentiments behind the characters’ actions, the mood of what is going on? YouTube is my friend!

The writing is coming along. I’m in a pivotal scene. Helena’s hero, Leon, is growing and developing in some interesting ways. So I’m going to see where he will take us on his journey.

Also, an important announcement. In honor of Suzette’s first month out in the world, I did an interview with Toni Shiloh, the fantastic host of diverse fiction, a blog devoted to diverse inspirational romances.

Here it is: link. To find Suzette on Amazon: link.

We talked about Suzette, her journey towards her happily ever after, and that of Bobby, the hero of her novel. What was Suzette’s typical day like? How did that change over time?

I hope you enjoy this brief introduction to Suzette and her world!


Here is an excerpt:

Barbara: Suzette’s average day changes throughout the book, and that is what makes her story interesting, how she grows and changes over time.

At the beginning, she’s on summer break and working as nanny, because it’s the best way for her to make money during the summer. By working as a nanny, she’s drawing upon her prior experience as a schoolteacher–she taught before attending seminary.

Once school begins, Suzette is taking her classes and serving as a lay minister in the parish where she is doing her ministry internship. As part of her training, she assists at the Sunday service and organizes programming for young adults in the church community.

At the end of the book, she graduated seminary and was ordained. Suzette is in this in-between period of getting ready to undertake her first full time job in Children, Youth, and Family ministry. So she is drawing upon her skills as a teacher and developing her ministry in a church setting. Other than that, she was preparing for her wedding and getting ready to move out of her apartment. Robert found them a new place to live in the neighborhood where he lived prior to meeting Suzette.

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