How has your summer been?

I just realized that it has been two months since I last posted! Where on earth has the time gone? Who knows.

Well things have been well, with some vacation time in the midst of this summer. The heat has been bad a few days, but otherwise the summer has been a good one.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, since it’s always good to keep up with what’s happening in the field. I’ve been reading books on Overdrive, but I’ve noticed that my libraries are requiring a Kindle account in order to download books. If there’s no Kindle, the books can only be read as a web page.

I wish I knew what that’s about.

Ordination season was last month. I was on board for that, looking for more inspiration for my current work in progress! So that was fun. This work in progress is the third in the series. The second one was in developmental editing, so I have to get back to it eventually, and the first will be in copy editing soon. Talk about a balancing act and juggling!

Otherwise, the Romance Writers Association annual conference will take place soon, and the authors who are attending are feverishly preparing, as per all I’m seeing in my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The big question, how much can I get done before the conference takes place?

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