Music and the Work in Progress

I might have mentioned that I’m currently using playlists on Spotify for my works in progress. In my books, I have tended to include references to the music that inspired me as I was writing. These are the songs that I thought might bring a scene full circle, but that is not always the case.

Sometimes a song inspires a scene, and it’s totally unexpected.

I’m at the gym a lot, I go to my local Planet Fitness. The gym’s management implemented a recent development of broadcasting music videos the patrons can watch on television screens. So when I’m not watching the news, I’m watching videos of the latest pop music.

I just love it. Sometimes I hear a song that draws me in some fashion. Perhaps it’s the name of the song, the melody, or the lyrics. Or all of the above. If the song appeals, I wonder whether it can fit into the Spotify playlist I have set up for each of my works in progress.

But when a song inspires a scene, it is as though I can’t get the song out of my head, because something about the song’s energy fits a scenario I imagine for my characters.

The latest source of my inspiration is one I can imagine will be the basis of the first chapter for the next work in progress. But I do not have the time to work on it now. I can only take notes and listen to Spotify.

My current hero and heroine are depending upon me, then my previous hero and heroine will be getting back to me soon.

I look forward to sharing my future updates.

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