Social Media anniversaries!

I’m looking up from my computer. Suddenly, I just realized that I am in the midst of some social media anniversaries. I’m so thankful I have found them and I’m thankful for all the opportunities for finding community.

My writers’ journey has been an amazing opportunity for growth.

When I began writing in the spring of 2017, I joined Goodreads. It was ideal for me, to participate as a reader as I was writing. I could post occasional notes regarding my blog essays and make note of books I was reading. I check for updates on a regular basis and participate in my groups. Once I have had releases available, I posted those as well.

Once Starting Over: Rick came out, Facebook was the next social media I thought about in the fall of 2017. It has been the ideal place for finding groups for writers and readers. I have learned so much from the other writers whose posts I follow and who have responded to mine. I remember when I was researching book covers for Going Home: Roger and considering changing Rick’s cover. I was able to post sample stock photos. The feedback was great.

Through a Facebook writers’ group, I discovered Twitter, and it has been the best. I joined on October 13. I post my updates daily, like, and follow other writers. I participate in the writers’ games. It has been especially useful and supportive as I have been in the midst of working on my latest works in progress, book 3 and book 4.

There has been one thing that has been bothering me about Twitter, though, how to post images as aesthetics. Twitter only permits one image at a time. So what was the answer? Today, I’ve been doing my research. I created a simple one for both book covers.

I’m including it here. Both books are available on Amazon, for $.99.Aesthtic Rick and Roger

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