Writing with Partners, Epilogues.

Was it just a few months ago in November, in the midst of Nano-Wri-Mo, that I was doing my own personal version of it?

A group writing project, to write our novel, and I had a certain number of weeks to write a certain number of chapters. I wrote, submitted, and then spent the rest of the fall into the winter reading the others’ chapters and offering encouragement.

So now we are at the end of all the contributors’ chapters, and we are to write our epilogues.

I drafted my epilogue back then, and it was interesting to look back at what I had in mind. I imagined an epilogue taking place five years later, but the group needed a shorter time span, so I edited it to take place two years after my portion of the book began.

Although I couldn’t use it, there is nothing wrong with saving it for future reference.

I think it is so important for writers to have a writing group of some sort. This group worked well enough for me, giving me a venue for practicing my writing.

I enjoyed the group so much, I acknowledged them in Going Home: Roger!

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