Inspiration–on a roll!

So I finished looking over my developmental editor’s track changes last night, and I finally managed to figure out how to create different headers for different sections of the manuscript.  I did it for Starting Over:  Rick, but I just couldn’t recall it.  Luckily I found a link on line.  I copied it into my notes page.

This manuscript will be longer, because it covers more time.  So I’ll single space it eventually, and put it in smaller font. I have gotten some great feedback on images for the hero–advice on which of two pictures to choose.

Now it is time to read it without the track changes on.  After that, I’ll find a copy editor and then a proofreader.  Once I have an idea of the length, then I can go to the graphics artist to design the cover.  I did it too early in the process for the first book, so I’ve learned my lesson.

This morning, I got up, and I felt inspired once I saw some NYT stories about military weddings in the vows section.

It seemed for the longest while that the characters of my next two books were just not coming together.

Maybe it was realizing that I’m closer to finishing this second book, Going Home:  Roger.  This book is about Denise and Roger’s story.

Then suddenly,  I had inspiration for the third book.  I talked about this before.  I only got inspired when I saw a book written by a friend in my RWA chapter, to write from the heroine’s perspective.  So I’ll introduce her story at the close of Denise and Roger’s book, the Wedding Bet:  Lauren.

Returning to my source of stock images, I was focusing once again, upon the hero for the fourth–Juan.  He was the one who had been chatting with me.  But he had been silent for the longest while.  Again, nothing was coming to me!  Suddenly, Kim, the heroine, began chatting about what she had been up to, and why she is the way she is.  She even told me what she needs from the hero!

I had no idea what she was like.  I get it now.  I started jotting down notes and looking for images of what she looks like.   I have a tentative title for her book:  Finding Home:  Kim.

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