Sweet Heroines in Sweet Romances?

More food for thought.  This time, these ideas are coming from a conversation I had on one of my Goodreads groups on sweet heroines.

A group of us were thinking about how annoying some heroines in romance novels can be.

“Reckless, flamboyant,” as someone suggested.  Adding to that, characters that appear silly, stupid, or who are just b****es (for no explicable reason), I just want to put the book down.

I like smart, level headed, practical, and reserved heroines, because those are the types of women I admire in real life, attractive and desirable women who present themselves with dignity, class, and decorum.

And I want these heroines in sweet romances, because I want them to have wholesome relationships.

But here is something interesting.  These types of heroines are often presented, it seems to me, as living in small town settings, or from some type of suburban environment.

Now here is my snark coming through.  Do we presume that women from big cities can’t be like that?

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