A documentary on reading and writing romance novels?

Amber Belldene has a number of articles on her website about reading and writing romance novels.  Some of them appear fairly scholarly, within the fields of cultural criticism and literature.

I found out from one of the articles that there is a documentary I should look at:  Love Between the Covers.

A review mentioned something very interesting.  That although the Romance Writers Association recognizes that writers’ novels are from all aspects of the genre, and across all of the political spectrum, the documentary did not address “Christian romance novels, which avoid any reference to out-of-wedlock or premarital sex—a gap in an otherwise comprehensive overview of the genre.”

“Very telling,” I thought.  I have been pondering this for some time.  “Sex positivity,” as it is perceived in modern culture (and arguably among modern feminists), is limited solely to left-wing perspectives.

So a woman who wants commitment before sex, including marriage, is not being sex positive?

If anything, I think it is very positive!

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