On being inspired…

I recall some correspondence from a few weeks ago.  A writer I was acquainted with was looking for reviewers, but she had no interest in reviewing other writers’ work.  Apparently she was in the midst of writing and didn’t want to be influenced (dare I say, with full snark–contaminated?) by them.

What an odd perspective.

I’ve always seen critique to be a give and take, and that dates back to my earlier training as a writer.  We wrote, reviewed each others’ work and continued with our own writing, with new insights and suggestions.

So in any event,  I was recently in the midst of a writer’s block.  I just finished editing Roger’s story.  Nothing more to do now, I think.  I am looking for an editor’s insights now.

I have had two ideas for the subsequent story, Kimberly or Lauren, Annelise’s friends who were also her bridesmaids.  But nothing was coming to me.  I played around with my Pinterest boards, where I had all kinds of images of male models I imagined would fit my visions of Rick’s friends, Don and Juan.  Still nothing.

Then I saw the program for the  Golden Apple Awards sponsored by my chapter of the RWA, and suddenly, I was inspired.

I saw my peers’ book covers.  Kay Blake’s latest one intrigued me.  What if the next book were from the heroine’s perspective, and I had a picture of her on the cover?

What an interesting twist!  Two books from a guy’s perspective, then a book from a woman’s perspective?

But that was as far as I got, as I continued to wonder, Lauren?  Kimberly?  I reviewed the sections of the book where I discussed them.  I thought about it on random occasions, and heard bits of conversation in my head as I tried to imagine my characters’ interaction.  Still nothing.

Then, this morning, I was baking in the kitchen.  I suppose I was in a playful mood.  It occurred to me, what if it were a romantic comedy?  By the time I was at the gym, I had a piece of scrap paper and was jotting down ideas.

I thought it was hilarious, and could work.  Lauren?  Kimberly?  Don?  Juan?  Based upon how I imagined my characters’ earlier development (off book, outside of Rick and Annelise’s story), I’m leaning towards Lauren.

This is going to be one hell of a ride!

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