The importance of writing groups….

As I think about my Writing with Partners group, I think about how it is helping me.  Traditional writers’ groups are often those that meet so that writers can read drafts of each others’ work, a work in progress, as an example.

Writing with Partners is different for me, in that I am practicing writing, and for an audience who comments as my writing partner and I submit our chapters.  These are not for publication, but are for practice.

I’m learning what works, and I am learning how to improve my writing.  As I edit the first draft of Denise and Roger’s story (introduced at the close of Starting Over:  Rick), I am remembering those lessons, and some of the comments from my editor, and even those of an acquisitions’ editor who spoke at our local Romance Writers’ Chapter meeting a few weeks ago.

So we should be done soon with our Jake and Delia project, called Fire and Desire.  I’ve signed up for a new project, writing as part of a cell, a group of at least four of us, who will write our own chapters as part of a group project.  The characters are in one space, and are having different experiences.  They are interacting with each other’s characters.

I spent a good bit of time imagining my characters.  They seemed to flow easier, now that I have more experience with character development.

A very nice, fun, and creative place to be.

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