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So I am being interviewed tomorrow.  I drafted my answers to the questions the host gave me.  I am editing the first draft of Denise and Roger’s book.  In addition, I’m working on my Writing with Partners project.  Our story has a title I suggested, Fire and Desire.  In chapter 16, my partner and I were thinking about how to get them together, since they are starting to consider other people to date.  A fundraiser will bring them together.  This is my chapter.

Chapter 17:

Jake was organizing notepads and folders in the Fire Department’s conference room when he saw Alex Donovan walk by.

“Hey, Alex, got a minute?”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“Delia Saunders is coming by at 4:00pm to talk about the fundraiser.”

“That’s great, Ms. Saunders has been a real asset to the community. So it’s good you’re working with her.” Alex smirked. “Weren’t you interested at some point in time?”

Jake laughed. “I’m always interested in attractive women!”

Alex shook his head. “But the rumor I heard is that Carla Miller is the one taking up your time nowadays.”

Jake grew a bit pensive for a moment. “Yes, she is. We have been seeing each other for a few months now. I can see us getting serious.” Suddenly, he came back to the project at hand. “What ideas do you have in mind?”

“Like I was saying when I gave you that list of people to invite, something to attract the high level bigwigs in town. The softball game was a fun family filled event. This is something that will do even more, get the folks who are the movers and shakers. It wouldn’t hurt to get to know them.”

Jake grabbed a notepad and took out a pen to jot down some ideas. “How about this, Alex? Black tie. We use the Union Hall ballroom, no cost there, have a buffet style dinner with some dancing?” He looked at one of his folders. “Who is that guy we had dj for the Christmas party?”

Alex rubbed his face. “I remember him, a guy from one of the local colleges. We can sell tickets at a good price, get money for the fundraiser and money for Ms. Saunders’ catering?”

“That can work. Get out the guys from the department. We can all wear our formal uniforms. The guys with teenage kids can get them to help out at the event. At each table, have one or two of the guys talk about the department, the work we are doing, where the money is going.”

Alex headed out towards the door. “Good ideas, Jake. Let me know how it goes and if we can use other staff here, like the Communications people.”

“Thanks, will do.”

Delia walked into the Fire Department lobby and spoke to the receptionist, who replied. “Jake is expecting you.”

After she sat down, she saw Alex. “Hi, Ms. Saunders, I just spoke to Jake. Thanks for helping out with this. We really appreciate this. ” He glanced over at the receptionist. “I’ll take her up to the conference room.”

Delia spoke up. “Thanks, I appreciate it, Mr. Donovan.”

Jake got up once Alex showed Delia into the room. He shook her hand. “It has been a while, Ms. Saunders, good to see you, I appreciate your helping the department, and I’m glad to work on coordinating at this end.”

“Quite glad to get business and get the diner’s name out in the community.”

Jake explained the ideas he and Alex came up with. Delia had some ideas of her own. “I didn’t realize that you were thinking about this kind of an event, a black tie evening thing. Not many of those around here, it is not as though we are the big city. But it can work, although we typically cater for mostly luncheons and breakfast events, at the diner, or off site. Who knows, this can be the start of a new type of business for me!”

She took out a folder of her own and took one of the notepads Jake set out. She winked at Jake. “Black tie will mean fancier meals, more expensive, and a greater profit margin, both for me and for the department. So I’m guessing you want the big wigs.”

Jake rubbed his hands and raised his eyebrows as he joked. “Yes, indeed, big wigs means big money!” He took out a spread sheet from one of his folders. “Here is a list of about 50-100 people we are likely to invite. With guests, we’re talking 100-200.”

Delia glanced at the list and raised her eyebrows as well. She noticed there were prominent members of the community on the list: government officials, high profile business owners, and directors of some of the major non-profits, like the hospital. “You really want to reach the heavy hitters!”

“This fundraiser is for heavy duty work for the department, retrofitting these military vehicles.”

She laid out a plan and pulled out a menu. “A menu like this one here would cost $25.00 per plate. Sell tickets for at least $100 each, and you will have more than enough money to work with.”

After they finished planning, Jake was pleased. It was good they were able to work together well. But he always wondered about something. They had been interested in dating, but why didn’t things get off the ground?

Jake glanced at his watch. It was 5pm. “Delia, do you feel like going out for a drink?”

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