Writing with Partners. And the round goes to?

So my writing partner put up her chapter a few days ago.  In her chapter, Delia got a makeover before she went to the softball game.  While she was there, she got acquainted with a police officer who seemed interested.  Here is my chapter.

Chapter 15:

When Jake picked up Carla from her apartment at the Collings campus, he liked what he saw.  She was wearing a pink and blue t-shirt, and a short blue skirt that showed off her slim figure and fantastic legs.  She was wearing pink sandals and carried a matching purse.   She looked carefree, feminine, and happy.   Her makeup was on point, and her hair hung loose.

Jake forgot there was something he meant to ask her.  “When I invited you, I couldn’t recall asking you whether you expected to have any specific duties regarding the programming for the students.”

“I have none at all.  My job was limited to setting up the programming.  It is up to the students and their academic departments to work on the specific details regarding their work and the academic credit.  We have about ten girls participating.  I couldn’t manage all of that!”

“I’m glad to hear.  So you will be able to enjoy the game without worry!”

Bringing Carla over to sit with Sue and Ben, he introduced her and hovered for a bit, wanting to make sure they got off on the right foot.

Sue realized he was lingering, and that he would need to begin playing soon.  She urged him, “Jake, we will be fine here, you can go along!”

He shook his head and asked, “So Sis, do I get a hug for good luck?”

She laughed, “Of course, Brother.”

Jake smiled at Carla on his way out.

Sue looked at Carla.  “Come sit, we have plenty of room.”

Carla sat and brought out bottles of sunscreen and bug spray.  “I’m not sure whether anybody brought any, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared.”

Ben was impressed.  “This is great.  I’m sure little Toby needs some of each.”

Carla passed him the bottles.  As she did so, Sue began speaking.  “So Jake tells me you are at Collings?”

“Yes, I’m on staff there, I graduated a few years ago.”

“Are you from the area?

“Yes.”  She explained that she grew up in one of the neighboring counties.  “My family owns Miller’s Contracting.”

Ben had heard of them, since he was an electrician.  “They do good work, great general contractors.”

“I’m glad to hear.  My grandfather started the business.  My dad and uncles run it.  My brothers work there as well.  If they didn’t do good work, Granddad would come back from the grave and haunt them!”

After Jake left, he went to meet the members of the Fire Department team who were warming up.  Glancing at his watch, he saw he had a few minutes.  He went to get some drinks for Sue, Ben, Toby, and Carla.

While he was on his way to the Boy Scouts station to get the drinks, he ran into Delia.  She was talking to one of the Police Officers.  They made eye contact.  “Oh, hi, nice to see you.  I was looking for someone…”

Walking away quickly, Jake thought about how awkward that was.  He liked Delia, thought she was attractive, but the timing was wrong, in her view.  But his timing was just right where Carla was concerned, and he liked her a lot.  Yet, it seemed the timing was right for the police officer who kissed her hand.

Coincidentally, he was up against the police officer guy.  He walked over to Alex.  “Who is he?”

“Delgado.  He seems good.”

Jake recalled his years playing baseball in high school when he led his team to several championships.  He grinned, “But I wonder whether he is good enough to stand up to me?”

After he delivered the drinks, he proceeded to the field.  His good arm from baseball back in the day never let him down.  The whole fire department team cheered when Jake struck him out.

On his way back to the dugout, Jake saw Delia.  He gave her a wink.

Copyright Barbara James.  All rights reserved.