Goodreads, Writing with Partners

When I joined Goodreads, I looked around to find groups I wanted to join.  One of them was Writing with Partners, where “romance novels are discussed” and “members also write amateur romance stories.”  We can collaborate with other members.  This to me was too fun for words.  So when the moderators opened up the latest round of story writing, I signed up and asked for one collaborator.  There is some interest, I will see how it goes.

What I appreciate is that the moderators created a “Wheel of Fortune” type system, where we each get three spins, one of the time period, one for the hero, and another for the heroine.  My time period was open, so I made it the modern day, a contemporary romance.  My hero came up as blue collar, my heroine, as someone who works with food.

Earlier in the day, I was out and about, I had an appointment downtown.  Whenever I walk around, I notice the buildings and landmarks.  Some like to watch people, I like to study buildings.  So in any event, there is a building on my way that is some type of administrative building for the Fire Department.  After my appointment, I went to a nearby diner to eat.

Afterwards, I knew I had it, how I would begin my story.  But in any event, I wanted it to interest them and excite them with the possibilities, something that would draw them in.  So here it goes.  Enjoy!

Matt Bomer Takes A Break On The 'White Collar' Set In NYC

Jake Rogers, a 32 year old firefighter.

Chapter 1:
Jake Rogers walked out of the Fire Department union office in a nasty mood. A ten year veteran and a lieutenant in his station, he was the union representative for the department’s sub region that encompassed several districts throughout the town. The municipal authorities were not budging on providing extra money for the department, and they were already understaffed.

In the past year, there had been several losses of men and losses of fire equipment after a few tragedies. He recalled the memorial services he was obligated to attend. Part of a fraternity where he held a strong leadership position, he led the others in looking out for their own, even if that meant fighting the Budget Office.

Following his captain, Alex Donovan, and one of the other lieutenants, Pete Townsend, they went out the door into the bright sunshine. Alex was the first to speak. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m hungry as can be. Fighting city hall always gives me a serious appetite, like I want to gobble everything in sight.”

Jake laughed. “It is the energy from arguing and fighting, makes you want to replenish it all. I know the place.” Pointing left, he guided the others, “the East River Dive.”

Pete looked at him askance. “You are sure I won’t get ptomaine poisoning? The name doesn’t sound too wholesome.”

Jake replied, “I know the owner, she has a good restaurant, but the name was a joke. People get it, that when you see it and go in, the place, it doesn’t look like a dive at all. That makes people want to stay, and they go back again and again. The food is really great!”

Walking along, the others were curious. Arriving a few minutes later, Jake opened the door. Delia Saunders, the owner, watched as they entered.

Copyright Barbara James.  All rights reserved.