Pinterest Boards as Inspiration

I like pinterest boards because I visualize not only my characters, but certain scenes.  I especially like to include images relating to clothes, music, and food.

With respect to clothes, I might have an idea of what something looks like, but once I look for inspiration, the image is clarified.   With that clarification, I might change a description of something or include something new, or even cut something out altogether because it is not working as I imagine.  I might even go to my closet and try on some of my own outfits.  The clothing my characters wear often indicate something about their personalities and values.

Certain songs might express the emotions a character is experiencing and processing, or even the thoughts on their minds.  Certain songs might signify a scene.  Food might be important, because it is the backdrop to a specific scene.  A birthday cake might be important for that reason.

I suppose I’m covering all the senses in that regard.  And that matters, because scenes in a novel are supposed to evoke for the reader a sense of what the characters are experiencing.  What are they seeing?  What are they hearing?  What are they tasting?  In order to get into their heads, I must open myself up to be inspired.  That is the only way they can tell me what they are about.  So I research, read, and listen.

There is one writer I admire whose  use of pinterest has inspired me.  Elizabeth Hoyt has these great pinterest boards where she conceptualizes her works in progress.  In addition, she includes images from her book covers once the books are nearing publication.  Commenting on some of the images, I sometimes found myself interested in a story just because the board looked interesting.

I aim to use the board similar to how Ms. Hoyt uses hers.  It is hidden for now, but once I get close to publication, I’m sure my readers would love to see the pictures that inspired certain scenes.

Copyright Barbara James.  All rights reserved.